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Howdy Sunday Peeps!

You must know by now that the live-action Aladdin is due to hit the cinemas this week!

A couple of days ago I found the video on YouTube of Will Smith singing Prince Ali. I wanna see the film more now! I shared before that I was worried about Will being the Genie but I think it kinda works.

He’s less singer, more rapper so they’ve worked to his strengths. It doesn’t sound like Robin Williams (because I don’t know anyone that could do the voices he did). There are some crowd playing elements which are very suited to Will but also seems to be a Disney thing at the moment; they did it with Lefou in the Gaston song. I think it just gives them an element of realism that the crowd don’t all just know the Musical numbers High Scool Musical- style. I like that.

Also very impressed with a small change to the lyrics, The animated version used ‘brush up your Sunday Salaam’ trying to say ‘Sunday best’ while giving a nod to the Muslim/Arabic context. Will Smith sings ‘Friday Salaam’ as Friday is the Muslim Holy day. A small lyric change, but a huge level of respect. It shows how far Disney has progressed now that they are much more aware of cultures, religions and human aspects that they’re trying to portray.

Have a watch and see if you like this version and let me know if you’re going to see it.



As a little bonus to this, I now get recommended Disney song videos on my YouTube recommendation! 😉


Anna x


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