You Can Always Do Something

Hey-ho Peeps!

There are always people to help. We want those around us to feel better, we want to help…it’s part of human nature.

Sometimes we can’t help. Sometimes they’re too far away or they need professional help (like a doctor or something).

There is always something you can do though; drop them a text/email/call or send something in the post to let them know you’re thinking of them. Just knowing someone cares can help a person feel better, fight harder or do whatever they need to do.

More importantly, we can pray. I might not be able to get to my friend who is hours away, but God can. He can send someone to them, cause the thing that is distressing them to go, give them encouragement and peace.

I don’t know everything God can do, but I know He hears me if I pray for something to happen…we can all do that.

Help who you can, pray for those you can’t personally do anything for and have a blessed day!

Anna x


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