A Lovely Surprise

Yo Peeps!

Happy Palm Sunday…

It is Sunday and I didn’t get this lovely parcel today, but I had a book to finish yesterday (sorry but my sci-fi obsession beat my desire to blog)…more on that soon.

So, our resolution this year was, and is, to be more eco-friendly. We try to use refillable bottles and such, so I saw a competition on Facebook for beautiful glass spray bottles and entered (a like, share and comment job).

Nomara Organics contacted me a few days later saying I’d won!! We were so thrilled as the teenager is a huge fan of giraffes and that is the design we won! (Click on their name for the Facebook Page)

The person who contacted me was lovely and friendly and absolutely believes in the cause, which I admire so much.

I gave my address and waited for a parcel, which came efficiently and beautifully packaged… Thank you so much Nomara Organics! (This link’s to their website.) I will definitely come back to you for more!

So here is the beautiful result of that win! ❤

God bless Peeps, Stay safe and keep the planet safe too!

Anna x


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