No Queens ☹

Howdy peeps!

Another sunny day in socially distanced Cornwall 😁

The teenager and I should’ve been going to the theatre this evening to watch Six the musical.

I bought her tickets for her birthday way back at the start of February (a lot’s happened since then hasn’t it??!)

She’s a musical theatre nerd and going to study history at college so it seemed a good fit.

If you haven’t heard of Six, it’s a new-ish musical about Henry VIII six wives. Basic premise is they don’t like what history says about them so they form a girl band to sing about their stories.

Educational and awesome music?… Yes please! (If you remember we went to see Hamilton last year, you may be detecting a theme.)

Obviously we aren’t going tonight but the whole tour has been postponed to next summer so they said they will honour our tickets at the same show next year (friday evening)… will look forward to it.

Will not be down hearted, all happens for a reason and nothing really bad happened (all safe and healthy still, definitely thankful for that in current situation). So instead we will listen to the full soundtrack on YouTube and await Hamilton on Disney + on 3rd June.

I’ll leave you with the opening and closing songs (opening a bit risque in places but good girl power vibes)… Enjoy!

Anna x


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