Baby Budget

Good morning Ladles and Jelly-worms!

Nothing to do with today’s topic, but as it’s the first of the month, don’t forget to re-start the Proverb a day, if you’re following that Bible study!

Anyhooo, my incredible cousin gave birth for the second time this week, so it got me thinking….

When I was pregnant with teenager I bought just about every issue of every baby magazine (this was before our frugal days, can you tell?!) and I vividly remember there being an article in one called ‘How to kit out the nursery on only £500’ ….only £500?? Who the heck spends £500, quite a lot of people it would seem :/

We were on a student budget and family bought some items as gifts for baby, so we coped fine. But we still bought unnecessary stuff like bottle warmers and nappy bins. So here are my top tips for a tighter baby budget:

  1. If you’re pregnant, start saving….whether you buy, borrow or are gifted baby stuff, at some point you’ll need something for the little bundle of joy… even £5 per week over a 40 week pregnancy gives £200…..if you really have no spare cash, start by trying to budget . It’s a good thing to teach to kids later too.
  2. Borrow stuff: If you can borrow short use items like infant seats, sterilizers and Moses baskets, then you’ll save on out-lay and storage.
  3. Buy second-hand: The only things your baby really needs new are car seats (unless you can be sure they haven’t been damaged), bottle teats (if bottle feeding) and a mattress. Everything else can be bought second hand, I saw an immaculate Travel system in a local charity shop the other day for £50 and a bouncer for £4 in the same place. Second-hand doesn’t mean ‘tatty’.
  4. If you have to buy new, buy best value stuff…There’s nothing wrong with supermarket baby items or discount stores. Alternatively, a wise investment may be useful; consider a cot, pram or seat that will work for several stages of the baby’s life. Or buy nappies and wipes in bulk online.
  5. Ask people for stuff: You can obviously say to family and friends if they offer a gift for baby, but also join every free club going to get vouchers and free samples….and don’t forget to use your loyalty points!


If you’re buying for someone who’s having a baby, either ask or buy something universally useful, like baby wash. wipes or clothes. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but will definitely be appreciated! (side tip, if in doubt of size, go bigger, they’ll grow into it!)


Have a great day everyone….and special blessings to all the new families out there!

Anna x


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