Don’t Be Sucked In!

Morning Peeps!

It’s 5 months to Christmas! 🙂 Yay!

Starting right now, there are bargains to be had and old stock on sale: Between now and September there will be card and discount shops selling last year’s stock. Also, the summer stock will end around then so there will be sales….shop smart, get your gifts (or stuff for next summer) then!

Today many shopping channels and websites will hop on board with the ‘Christmas in July deals’….be careful! Some of it is amazing, but not all of it is best price. Most shopping channels have a website where you can see what’s on that day, you can check this and sometimes even pre-order so you’re not fevered with flash sale phone-ins. Compare online with Amazon or other shops you use to check if the price is reasonable (or if you can get it there for less.)

There will also be lots of Christmas movies on some channels today, on Prime and these will change/ increase in price between now and December….so record or download them now if you can.

One last tip; if you want several of the same item (even if it’s on sale) ask the manager for a discount or online ask for free or single-price shipping. It doesn’t always work, but if you don’t ask, you definitely won’t get it! Worth a try methinks.


Have a great day and enjoy your (genuine) deal shopping.

Anna x


One thought on “Don’t Be Sucked In!

  1. Can I just add ….
    Create and Craft … Watch it, but don’t necessarily buy from them. Not only will they be selling at TOP whack, but they also charge £2.95 for postage of one item, £5.90 for two items or £6.99 for three or more items.

    Instead of buying the product from them, just shop around on the internet in order to see if you can buy it cheaper (& almost every time, you can!) and even if the shop/maker of the particular item itself is selling it for the same price, more often than not you’ll get free posting or more favourable posting …AND … you’ll receive the item waaaaay quicker than if it was sent from C&C.

    Support our smaller stores – before they’re run into the ground by these types of shopping channels.

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