Specialist Recipes

Morning Peeps,

Thought I’d share a few recipes with you that are for certain eating plans, but are in fact delicious and suitable for everyone else too: Enjoy!

Jamie Oliver’s Gluten Free Brownies Look yummy! (Although personally I wouldn’t do the whip for on top.) I often see gluten free cake recipes appear on Facebook. These aren’t the simplest to make, but Jamie will make sure they’re nutritional too, so probably worth the extra effort.

Although Jamie also does vegan recipes, this one comes straight from the Vegan Society. Just looking at this pumpkin and black bean burger recipe made me drool; I LOVE black beans. Obviously, being a vegan recipe, it’s suitable for veggies too.

Low G I foods next: Allrecipes.com have a great selection (and I nearly gave you another black bean recipe, but..) this one is bean quesadillas which tempted me… Side notes: I’d use a wholemeal tortilla and these are also vegetarian.

So I’ll let you go and explore this yummy selection, let me know if there are any dietary requirements you want me to address.

Happy Wednesday Peeps!

Anna x


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