A Funny Kind of Day

Howdy Peeps!

I want to tell you about Sunday, it was kinda weird and hard work and so funny I’m still smiling at it now.

Firstly, we had no church as there was a community event on, so it didn’t feel like Sunday. I was up super early and went to the store at 9:45 and sat there (because they don’t open til 10am on Sundays). As a side note, big shout out to Pirate FM for the awesome music while I was waiting (another fab part of living in Cornwall; great radio station!) ….. The reason I was at the store is that Mr.B’s hair clippers had finally given up (they’re like 10 years old to be fair) but they gave up early into his hair cut *trying hard not to laugh* !

Secondly, we were cleaning ready for family coming and had some awesome music through Spotify, which helped pass the time. Incidentally, the Spotify thing works with all those virtual assistant apps I was talking about the other day, so you can ask Google, Siri or Alexa to play it and it will (definitely an upside to the gadget thing)! I love music and it really influences my mood, there were some really modern Hillsong and a lad called Cody Carnes on the Christian music which sounded more like chart songs, so cool for younger peeps.

Speaking of music, my daughter had the complete Disney playlist on in her room while she was tidying; Under the Sea (from The Little Mermaid) was on when I went in there. My Smudge was sat on the windowsill meowing at the end of each line of the chorus; I laughed way too much!….. I don’t think she’s musical, she just meows for attention, a lot. (Like to the point where neighbours have thought she was lost or in pain! They’re used to her now, but she’s still fussed and fed in at least 2 other places! Spoiled cat!)

Finally, we got the work done and had a good sing along! I’m so thankful my family were home to help, I’m thankful for up-beat music and I’m especially thankful for my noisy and spoiled-princess of a cat!

Have a great day!

Anna x


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