Random Brain

Afternoon Peeps!

My head is a little bit fried today, so I thought I’d share my craziness to make you smile and remind you that we all have off days…thankfully they don’t last!

Firstly, Happy All Saints Day! Now it’s November, there’s no stopping me; Christmas all the way! In fact, teenager and I were talking over breakfast about Christmas things we can do each weekend šŸ™‚

We also had to make a mad dash to the shop this morning as she has catering class today! (Not our fault, Wednesday isn’t usually catering day but the teacher changed things yesterday!)

I’ve been to toddler group this morning, today we were making paper candles….admittedly some were covered in sailing stickers and others ended up stuck to toy food….all good fun.

Went to the supermarketĀ before lunch and actually forgot the debit card PIN!! If you know anything about me and my nerdy love of numbers, you’ll realise how horrifying that was! I also had forgotten my phone, so had to drive home to ask Mr.B, then go back to shop….deep breaths.

Thank you God that it was all minor stuff and easily solved! I am always glad God is with me, but especially on days like today.

So yeah, my brain has decided not to work today; just mindless housework and maybe a Christmas film for me this afternoon! How about you?

Have a good afternoon my friends,

Anna x


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