Remember the Fun Stuff

Howdy Peeps!

It’s Wednesday! Which means we’re halfway through this first ‘normal’ week and it means I’m back at toddler group this morning…Yay! 🙂

Anyhoo, I want to talk about parenting and fun things to remember. I always get reflective around now, not only have we just looked back at the previous year, but we are fast approaching the teenager’s birthday!

I could look back and remember debt or stressful jobs or losses in the family, but the things I remember most are positive…funny even!

I usually get home videos out around her birthday and see scenes I know so well, but always find something I’ve forgotten:

She used to call the cat Sudgey (I guess ‘Smudge’ is kinda hard when you’re under 3) and couldn’t say ‘f’ at all so fish were sish… the ridiculous thing is we all still call them sish now even though she grew out of it a decade ago! 🙂

More recently, when we first had the mutt, we took her walking in the woods and my daughter tried to jump a stream, missed and got her welly boot stuck in the river bed…she pulled her foot out and the boot stayed! (Had to be retrieved separately, but we did get it out.)

The fact that she hates marmalade, so whenever I eat it (even now) she says I smell funny and makes reference to Paddington! (Come to think of it, I am kinda bear-shaped…and I have a blue coat…maybe the kid has a point! 😉 )

Anyway, my point is; remember the silly little moments, take time to reflect and record them. Have a laugh at things that seemed so normal at the time…it’s not always the main events that make life worth living, sometimes it’s the little things.

Have a blessed day!

Anna x

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