Facebook Live!

Afternoon Peeps!

Sorry not been on until now but Mr.B was computer hogging! 😉

The reason he has been hard at work on the PC is that he’s returning to the podcasts… if you’ve been here a while you’ll know he was doing them to talk about positivity, but there were technical issues 😦

Well, we’ve upgraded the camera and PC and he is going live on Facebook tonight!

It was on his heart to talk about managing finances, so he starts tonight at 9pm (GMT) 🙂

If you haven’t used Facebook Live before then this is how you get there:

https://www.facebook.com/live (you may need to log into your Facebook account)

A map will appear with all live videos shown as blue dots…

find his blue dot in the Bude area and click to view.

If you are unfamiliar with our blissful corner of Cornwall, you can find us on the south-west ‘foot’ of England, just below the pointy bit (Hartland) on the north-west coast 🙂

See below:


I hope you can find it from those instructions!

We’re both really excited to share the story of our financial history and try to help others to make progress in their money management.

Thanks for listening to me waffle on, catch ya later peeps!

Anna x


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