Cheap Crafts for Easter

Morning Peeps!

Easter is fast approaching and I thought I’d share some cheap and easy crafts you can do yourselves or even with the kids.

If you’re like me you probably have drawers or containers full of craft bits…ribbon scraps, washi tape. pom-poms and such. If not then try these places:

Poundland, The Works, Toymaster, B& M or Morrisons. I mean, any large supermarket will have Easter decor available but I’ve been really impressed with Morrison’s selection this year. (Instead of the usual little fuzzy chicks I bought some with nerd glasses, some black sheep and some grey bunnies.)

Also, don’t forget to use your computer! Last year I printed out templates of ducks and bunnies and messages for cards.

So what are the quickest and easiest things to make?

  • Easter Cards: Take a ready-made card or an A5 piece folded in half and stick whatever you want to it. This is great for even the littlest helpers as you can buy loads of stickers, sequins/confetti and words or you can make them yourself. Cut out templates, use Easter hole punches to make the confetti and print words our to glue onto your card. You can easily add crosses of card, tape or ribbon if you want to make your card more religious
  • Bunting/Banners:  These can be made from anything, (fabric. card. biscuits…) made in any colour or pattern and any shape. You can make traditional, triangular bunting, ducks, bunnies, chicks, eggs, even the Easter story as a cartoon strip. As long as whatever you make has 2 holes at the top for threading ribbon through, you can run wild with this one. Last year we made bunting that alternated between ducks and bunnies. They were free templates I found online, I cut them out in ‘realistic’ coloured card and we stuck details on: Cotton wool tails for the rabbits and googly eyes and contrasting wing shapes on the ducks. They were very cute and I had kids as young as 1-year-old helping!
  • Easter Bonnets/crowns: You can buy kits for this, use a cheap sun hat or a baseball cap or cut a strip of card to fit your head like a crown. Then throw anything Easter or spring related at it. You could use pastel colours, chicks, confetti, pom-poms..the louder the better! If you look after several children you can make it a competition. I noticed Morrison’s have a bonnet decor kit (no hat) but it was only a pound or two and some bits were small enough you could use them on cards.
  • Table Centrepieces/Plant pot decor: Got any templates, 3D eggs or other decor left? Make a centrepiece for your table. Find a sturdy base; clay, a log, a container of pebbles. Put your tallest thing (like a pick with Egg or bunny on) in the centre and work outwards and downwards. These can be used as table or mantlepiece decor and the individual elements can be staked into plant pots or vases. Crafty Girl on YouTube did some bunny ears and a tail on a plant pot…video can be found here.
  • Chocolate Nests: The easiest treat to make in the world! You need a large slab of chocolate and a box of plain cereal (cornflakes, Rice Krispies, Shredded wheat, etc.) I never even measure it. You melt 1-2 large bars (!00g+) of chocolate and add cereal and stir until it’s all coated but there’s not loads of chocolate left over running around the pan/bowl.  If you want you can add mini marshmallows, either to the melting part or to the cereal so they remain whole. This will give you chewier treats but are not essential (we don’t as some of our household are veggies). You spoon the mixture into paper cases or greased bun tins and shape into nests with a little dip in the middle. In that indentation, you can put mini eggs, jelly ones, chocolate ones or non-edible decorative eggs and chicks. Chill until firm and enjoy! (FYI it’s better to put inedible decorations on after chilling the nests).

So I hope that’s given you a few ideas… happy crafting!

Anna x


Photo by Sebastian Staines on Unsplash


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