Financial Decisions

Hellooooo Tuesday Peeps!

Nothing to do with what I want to talk about but it’s a sunny day and I’m not at work! 😊 I should be but I swapped days so we could go visiting parents…yay!

Anyhoo, I wanted to share some financial wisdom.

I’m looking at a new phone as mine is almost dead. I have been through a process to make the decision and thought it could be applied to a lot of expense decisions…. so here’s what I did.

  1. Set a budget and stick to it.
  2. Set a sensible time frame… mine will be by end May.
  3. See what’s available; brands, deals, models, different store offers.
  4. Do your research: once narrowed down a bit, research your choices in detail….multiple reviews from different sites, YouTube videos and practical stuff like size/weight (yes I’m thinking phones but this also applies to big things like appliances and cars).
  5. Make a decision and then purchase…not on impulse.

I am staying with my current network provider (best coverage here) and have always had a good experience with Samsung handsets so, although I looked at others, the 2 I narrowed down to were both Samsung.

The A9 or the S8. Both 2018 models, so not the latest but decent. (There’s never any point in buying the latest models of tech or cars as they depreciate most within 2 years as newer models can knock quarter of the value off).

So I checked the reviews and online guides and specifications.

The S8 has a better review but the A9 has a larger memory and screen, better camera and nicer colour choices than the S8. They are close in price and both compatible with the same network plan I have now, but the camera and memory of the A9 decided it for me.

So when I buy my chosen phone next month you should all get better quality pictures on here! 😉

Hope that help you make decisions.

Have a good one!

Anna x


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