Tuesday News Day

Morning Peeps!

It’s back to normal here today; work, school, chores, etc.

That also means weighing and measuring myself: Weight stayed the same, which seems disappointing but considering what I’ve eaten over Easter, I’m fine with that. Also, because I did my LWR videos up until Maundy Thursday, I’ve still lost inches! 1.5 from waist and 0.5 from my hips. Yaay!

Btw, Happy St. George’s Day England! Never really celebrate it, but it’s today anyway. More importantly, Happy 1st birthday to Prince Louis!! How??!! Wills and Kate have released 3 gorgeous official photos, which you can find on Twitter or BBC news here.

I’m working on some planner inserts for my own use; habit trackers, work hours record and such. I was thinking I might make them printables to give away so let me know if you’d be interested.

Have a good day (even if you’re back at work and school)!

Anna x


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