Recipe Alert!

Howdy Friday Peeps!

Have you got a 3-day-weekend ahead? We’re excited here!

Anyhoo, I realise I haven’t shared a recipe in aaaaaaaaaaaaages (sorry about that) but I have a good reason: I am no longer the only cook in the house! My daughter has been developing her skills in her catering lessons at school and is getting quite proficient, so the thing is that any new recipes we try each week usually come from her.

Last night she did homemade garlic dinner rolls, burgers and tomato relish. She had to choose or adapt recipes herself so we found a relish recipe on All Recipes and she added Basil and extra pepper to spice it up a bit… this is the basic recipe she used:

Easy to make, can be adapted, is vegetarian and low-calorie…what more could you need in a condiment?

Just thought I’d share and there are plenty more to come from her school adventures in catering.

Have a good one!

Anna x


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