Stop The (Entertainment) Press!

Howdy Peeps!

Big entertainment news!!

Firstly, they have confirmed that there will be an animated series for Jurassic world coming out next year!! This is not some low-budget 90’s graphics attempt, this is Dreamworks and Netflix, with Spielberg in charge!! Just wow! Sooooooooo many questions and expectations and fears.

Camp Cretaceous is set around the time of the first Jurassic World film, on Isla Nublar, but that’s about as much as we know for certain… however, theories abound!

Klayton (who I must have mentioned before) said exactly what I thought…nice kid-friendly animation would get a whole new audience for the Jurassic universe, but having seen the trailer, they’re not sugar-coating the Dino attacks. So when Camp Cretaceous hits Netflix next year, you may want to check it out first….. but NEXT YEAR. Canon events before the next movie!! Very intrigued.

Second thing (which I had no idea about until yesterday!) Pixar have made a new film…Pixar! It’s called ‘Onward’ and is definitely not ‘Disneyfied’ but seems more like a Dreamworks or Sony film. At first hearing of the idea I wasn’t sure- especially as, at the start of the trailer, there is a painter who immediately made me think of the Pixar short “Bounding” and nobody wants to be reminded about that! However, the more I watched the trailer (and the Super Carlin Brothers’ analysis of it) the more it grew on me. Seems like it could fit with Trolls or Shrek, good films but clearly not Disney. I mean, it is Disney because they own Pixar, but doesn’t fit the stereotypical House of Mouse style.

It’s set in a magical land that has progressed into modern times with human-like technology and such. Heads up to any unicorn fans they’re not painted in the best light…but I found it funny. Have a watch and let me know what you think….

Love the pet dragon! As a side note….Chris Pratt as one of the voices!! My 2 entertainment worlds have collided!

Have fun! (and PLEASE let me know what you think!)

Anna x


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