Stranger Things 3

Wow Peeps, just wow!

If you were here last year, you’ll already know I’m a huge Stranger Things fan (always up for a good sci-fi series and Netflix do them so well).

The actors are brilliant (scarily grown up, but brilliant) and I maintain that it’s the best acting Winona Ryder has done.

The problem with a third (or subsequent) edition of any sci-fi is that you kinda know the plot and who the good and bad guys are already. I can’t say the concept was a shock but it was done so well it didn’t matter.

Spoilers from here on out: Fair warning!

The kids are all back together but their relationships are very different.. you see much more stereotypical teen behaviour regarding friendships and relationships… Eleven ditches Mike for a day hopping with Max that I think every female over the age of 8 could relate to.

The monster is different enough but follows the same basic premise of needing a host and being controlled by the Mind Flayer. There is a hint of a Demogorgon at the end though. 🙂 As in previous series, the suspense is much scarier than the actual creature.

The development of both existing and new characters was brilliant, particularly the Steve and Robin thing, very well played and quite subtle for Netflix.

There were a few unexpected plot points; the lovely Russian guy ❤ the fact that we didn’t really see The Upside-down or the other children like Eleven at all.

Despite the possible death of a major character, the romances and the horror (shout out to Dacre Montgomery who plays Billy for his amazing acting!) there is one thing that out-shines all this: the 80s references!

The music, fashion, retail and film references are outstanding! Particularly the adorable scene where Dustin and his girlfriend sing the Neverending Story theme!! ❤ ❤ ❤ so many levels of love for that!

I think the creators are making it for people like me; a sci-fi for kids of the 80s to binge-watch and be nostalgic over…and it works!

A final thought, the binge-watching thing…this is the first series I’ve seen where you know they expect you to binge-watch… they set the penultimate scene on Independence Day and then released the whole series on Independence Day… clever ad satisfying to the viewer… well-played.

Have you seen it? What did you think? Definitely worth a watch… in fact I might go and start it again! 😉

Anna x


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