The Greatest Show

Morning Peeps!

When I showed you a load of planner themes last week I had missed a week out because I was still working on it…

That’s because it was The Greatest Showman themed and I wanted to get it right.

So here it is:

I’m annoyed these boxes aren’t even but I had to cut between their hands… love the concept of splitting across the bindings and it’s my favourite scene from the overall it’s a win. 😊

I printed the cast pictures and used popcorn and striped ball stickers I already had, but the stars came out of a set I bought for the next spread and the little r&w tent at the bottom of Wednesday is special; I bought a whole set of knights/jousting stickers to get that…

but it had the bonus that I now have some really cute dragons and some red vs blue stickers (which I may use in football season 😉 #ynwa ).

So that’s it. Just wanted to catch you up before we start the next round (because I couldn’t possibly overlook the gorgeous Hugh Jackman 😍)

Have a good one peeps.

Anna x

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