Butlers Are The Best

Howdy Peeps!

You’ve probably noticed that I’m in full Christmas mode (there’s no stopping me now!) and thankfully, the TV is catching me up! You’ve probably noticed there are whole channels and time slots dedicated to Christmas movies.

One we don’t see enough is Home Alone 4 (I know the kid isn’t Macaulay, but love the cast)… I was thrilled to see it on TV the other day and just at the end, the boy is rescued by the butler (played by Erick Averi).

Image result for home alone 4 butler

My brain was already thinking Macaulay Culkin, so the next logical thought was Richie Rich and adorable Cadbury (Jonathan Hyde). Again, friendly and helps save the day… are you beginning to see where this is going?

Image result for cadbury richie rich

Then with Christmas and lovely butlers on the brain, I logically thought Downton Abbey. ❤ Carson (played by the equally lovely Jim Carter) is the most adorable of all, with the richest voice and shamelessly loves Lady Mary as his own… just so sweet!

Image result for carson

There are dozens more; Alfred in Batman, Geoffrey in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Lurch, Winston from Oliver & Company…. the list is endless. All these butlers are supportive friends, dedicated workers and total heroes…I think we all need a Carson.

Who’s your favourite?

Have a great day!!

Anna x


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