Sales Shopping

Howdy peeps.

Was going to write this yesterday, but shopping and housework needed to happen.. so hello today.

I’m not one for boxing day sales, queues or unnecessary purchases generally, but there is a sales I’ll always go after; cheap Christmas stuff!

Yesterday I had to go get some laundry powder, so I took the opportunity to have a hunt around sainsbury’s….and then Morrison’s while I was out.

I’m so glad I did! I always try to buy cards, bows, wrap and tags but yesterday i also got some gift toppers i was looking at before (but were too expensive before xmas).

Bow packs, wrap, bottle bags and 2 small boxes of toppers are from sainsbury’s and the most expensive was 69p!! I spent around £3 in there.

The tags, cards and my star buy (big topper set) are from morrisons. I bought a cheap gift as well And the lot came to £5.

All morrisons Christmas stuff is at least 50% off. I was thrilled to find some of the topper sets.

I wanted this before Christmas for this year’s gifts but it was too expensive… yesterday it was £1.50! 😁

I wanted more wrap and tags but there was nothing else I liked (lots of gold in morrisons if you’re into that). There were also lots of beautiful gift bags but I have plenty.

I highly recommend going to scout out your local stores before it’s all gone. If you do miss the sales now, don’t panic because a lot of shops put last year’s stock out cheap around August/September, so you can still grab a bargain before next Christmas.

Happy hunting!

Anna x


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