How To Do Mondays…

Got that Monday feeling? Me too….here are my survival tips for a grey and yawny Monday morning:

  1. I’m British; a cup of tea is the solution to most of life’s problems (That was on of my Granny’s philosophies and I’m sticking to it!)… Tea first , functioning second…. But if you must drink coffee like Mr.B, I won’t hold it against you! 😉
  2. Plan ahead: Iron clothes night before (or at least before kids get up) and have easy breakfast (cereal or muffins or something sensible but not cooked)…. just being realistic.
  3. Find some time for you: Either early or after kids go…. If you read the Bible/Pray that’s a good day starter, thinking in shower or even turning up Nickleback on the car radio and singing loudly (totally me this morning….after teenager had got out, I don’t think she’d appreciate that at 8am!)
  4. Something perhaps even harder than finding time for yourself, is finding positives to focus on, but please try! If you start your day with miserable news, running late and moaning about increased petrol prices it isn’t going to help you through the day. Find a purpose for today, a main job to get done above all others, a step towards a goal, some good news…. mine today are that it’s my dad-in-law’s birthday, I have stuff to do so I can have time off tomorrow morning for coffee with a friend, and that after 3 days of lousy virus I feel better!! YAY! (and as a side effect of being ill have lost 2.5lbs, not a recommended method of weight lost but hey! down is down!)


So try to be positive, accomplish something and have a good natter with a friend, colleague or even the dog! 

Have a great Monday Peeps x


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