Recipe Catch-Up

.Hi-de-ho Peeps!

I think I’ve just about caught up after the holidays… why does it take twice as long as the holiday itself?

Just thought I’d share with you the recipes I’ve seen (while playing catch-up) that I’m excited to try.

Sometimes, the simple things in life are the best! That’s certainly true of this yummy recipe for A Cheese Sandwich I saw on Cooking Without Limits.

What’s for Dinner Moms has this exciting recipe for Mexican Pierogi Casserole. I’m really excited by this one because (if you’ve seen my recipes before you’ll know this already, but…) I am a huge fan of Mexican food! That may even be an understatement, I love it so!

I’ve recently started following the Little Dove Blog and Justine over there shared this beautiful Neon Lemon-Lime Cake! I love bright colours and this is so summery and fresh-looking that it just screams “take me to a picnic” 🙂

Another offering from What’s for Dinner Moms (a bit longer ago because, like I said, holiday catch-up takes a while…sorry) is this gorgeous Hot Fudge Sauce! I’m sure the family will be very excited by this one!

Andrea, of Cooking With A Wallflower, offered this Strawberry-Peach Cobbler to excite us… I love peaches, and cobbler in general, but I’d never thought of putting Strawbs in, so am really wanting to try this now and see what it’s like!

Last, but by no means least, we come to Buscuits and Ladles: The dish I wanted to share with you is Baked Chili Salmon which sounds as though it would fit into our You Are What You Eat!  plan, so I’ll ask Mr.B if he wants to try it…the man loves salmon and spicy/hot food, so I don’t think he’ll object! 😉 Also, as I went on Marian’s site to get this recipe, I also discovered a more recent one for Chocolate Bread (!) so I may have to look into that too! 🙂


I hope you’re all hungry enough to go and try something new and that you have a good day.

Thanks for reading,

Anna x


2 thoughts on “Recipe Catch-Up

  1. Yikes thanks so much for sharing this, Now I am hungry again tee hee!! God Bless You Sister in Christ Jesus-Yeshua Anna and Your Family and Friends!!

    Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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