Last Minute Shopping!

Morning Festive Peeps!

So last night I saw a TV ad for Amazon saying Last Minute Shopping has begun!

Most of you will know I’m an Amazon affiliate, but I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t love the service…we use Amazon a lot in our family. So here are my top Christmas items you can order from them:

1) The Lego BB-8… Lego is always a bit pricey but BB-8 is adorable, Lego can be used over and over and Star Wars is seriously popular at the mo because the next instalment of the film series opens this weekend!


2) The Kindle is an excellent choice if someone is getting into reading. I love mine because I can carry around dozens of classic novels without being weighed down. Also, if you don’t know what a word means, you can look it up in the built-in dictionary!

If you’re buying for younger ones, then the Kindle Fire offers them more than just reading; they can download games and use it like a tablet. £49 is cheaper than the regular Kindle and very good value for a tablet (because no one wants an iPad to be wrecked by a 6-year-old!).

My daughter still loves hers, as well as reading on it, she watches videos and plays Minecraft pocket edition…incidentally, pocket edition is cheaper to download than the full version (and it won’t be taking up memory on the family PC/laptop!)


3) The Amazon Echo Dot or “Alexa” is currently on sale, but even at full price (£49) is one of the cheapest smart speakers on sale but she still does everything her bigger counterparts do!  The best function, in my humble opinion, is the ability to sync her with smart plugs so you can tell her to turn off the lamp or Christmas lights that you find it hard to reach!


4) Something for your fur-babies? I laughed so hard when I saw this Dog Bandana Bailey would certainly appreciate the sentiment! LOL! 😀


5) Lastly, there is a ton of Christmas tableware on Amazon! This matching gold set would bling up your table for the special day… Mum always uses gold chargers and I liked the idea so much I bought silver ones (to match my decor).


I’ve tried to show reusable things that will be good value and long-lasting, these are not big-ticket items like Apple products and designer bags, but will be just as appreciated by the receiver!

Have a good one Peeps!

Anna x



Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash


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