Budgeting For The Big Day (Part 2)

How-do Peeps, hope you’re all good?

I promised y’all the 2nd instalment of this wedding budget thing, so let’s do it:

6. Decor: You don’t need to go nuts on decor with backdrops and balloon nets: if you’re using a hotel they’ll ask a colour scheme and put napkins in for you and maybe bows on chairs (this may have an extra charge) but these things are also cheap and easy to do yourself if you’re self-catering an empty venue. Helium balloon arrangements are mental prices but the kit, with a canister of helium, can be bought online very reasonably. Any hanging decorations like bunting or paper pompoms can be made weeks in advance and there are thousands of ideas on Pinterest to inspire you. (You can follow me there too –> click here for my Pinterest)

Table decor can be inexpensive…table scatters can be cheap to buy or you can buy a shaped hole-punch and make your own. Centrepieces can be made of natural things or incorporate the favours so you don’t splurge too much; best one I’ve ever seen is sweet trees small fake tree with sweets on for guests to pick as their favours. On the nature front, a seashell with the couple’s names and wedding date on is another awesome one I’ve seen.

7. Transport works much the same as the venue, either you go small and self-service or you get a deal. Friends and family will happily tie a ribbon on their car to take you. If you hire 2 or more cars for the whole wedding party…there’s always a bargain to be had: Learn to haggle!

8. The Clothes: Suits are ridiculously expensive to buy and almost as bad to hire. Hire is probably the best option for a dress suit/tailcoat (because you will never wear it again) but you could buy a high street suit to save money and it would be reusable…either way the shoes and accessories can be bought very cheaply in supermarkets now!

8a. The Dress is usually a large chunk of a wedding budget….after all, every girl wants to feel like a megastar on her wedding day. But there’s always a way to save money without picking something that looks cheap:

You could shop end-of-season sales, second-hand or ex-display (some stores have special sections for this) or have it made. If you are going to spend the best part of a grand on a dress (certainly no more) then barter with the shop to include a veil or tiara or something. There may be more bargaining power if you get bridesmaids kitted out there too, but to be honest, some high street stores sell really good evening dresses that’d be lovely for bridesmaids.

9. Food and Drink: This can be pricey if done per head. If your venue includes it then barter as much as you can (see the venue section in part 1). Generally speaking, a buffet is cheaper than sit-down meals as the venue needs less staff to serve you and you can book per group rather than per head…so for 100 guests, a buffet for 80 adults would suffice as some will be children, some won’t eat an aspect of it (if they are veggie or intolerant to something) and people always eat less in social groups, psychology proves it.

If self-catering, you don’t need to buy luxury range stuff, buy bulk and/or ask people to bring a plate. We did this for our evening reception….incidentally, if you have a later wedding you only have to cater supper and not lunch…we did both because we had them in our different home-towns so relatives could come who couldn’t travel, but I know a lot of people do just one meal…or both in the same place if you can get a good deal.

I think that’s all the main points covered…if you think of anything else please comment below! 🙂

On an unrelated topic, I apologise for any typos as I have a head cold and a cat sprawled across my wrists as I type!`(Photo on Instagram 😉 )

Have a good one!

Anna x




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