Sugar Free or Not Sugar Free?

Afternoon Peeps 🙂

Great (but chaotic) morning here, how’s your day going?

I was reading an article recently by Davina McCall about how she went sugar-free with her diet. I tried it once last year and only managed about 10 days, so thought it was too harsh for me. Surprisingly, fitness-queen Davina said much the same.

She said the first time she tried it, she went cold turkey but had bad withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This time she did it slowly, like a smoker using nicotine patches or gum; she took her treats and sugar down replacing them with natural sweeteners like honey and sweet fruit.

Now, apart from the odd treat, the only sweet things she eats are fruit or honey-sweetened (kinda like we did on the Daniel Plan last year).

I think I can live with that, so have cut out sugar in tea and loads of sweets and cut down the white carbs with a view to going totally wholegrain again. I have been ok, no real withdrawal as I have had 2 days with treats this last week, but I had a Creme Egg this morning (my fave) as a splurge but already I can taste the difference…the chocolate tastes so much stronger, almost like a high-end 70%+ cocoa one.

Scary to think how much I was affecting my tastebuds (as well as my health!) so I’m intrigued as to how far I can take this now…onward and upward (or downward for the sugar).

Anyone else trying to cut the sugar?

Good luck all dieters and get-fit champs!

Anna x


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