Strength in Numbers

Morning Peeps!

A little bit of PMA/encouragement for you this morning. 🙂 I’m sure you’ve all seen this before…

God grant me


It’s not too late to get an education, change career, lose weight or make a difference to someone else’s life!

Sometimes, we can make an even bigger change by working together; we all know that we can petition for change and vote and such, but what about the every-day

We might lose more weight by joining a group of others trying to achieve the same goal; we might be able to teach our children more effectively if we use a specialist (in gymnastics or Maths or whatever), the list of things we can do together is endless.

God knows this; from Adam needing Eve because ‘it wasn’t good for man to be alone,’ right through to the many mentions of the church community in St. Paul’s writing, the Bible is full of groups, teams and pairs who work together to make a difference.

So if there’s something you want to achieve today, go and talk to someone about it! The person (or people) you need to help make it happen will be out there somewhere!

Have a great Wednesday Peeps!

Anna x


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