Bank Holiday News

Hello Monday Peeps!

It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK and I’m actually off work! (Sorry if you’re not, I know the feeling from last time…hugs.)

In my May is Coming! post I said there were lots of exciting things ahead. One of them is today…I’m going to see my lovely Grandma, who has made it to another birthday (yesterday), to celebrate with her. I’m so lucky to still have her when I’m well into my 30s and talk to her as often as I can.

In other news, the diet and fitness thing is going well. 🙂 If you’ve been following my progress you’ll know that I started following LWR fitness videos (end of March/beginning of April…I think??)  and lost a lot of inches but only a couple of pounds. So a couple of weeks ago Mr.B and I started using phone apps to track calories (I’m on 1600 if you’re interested). Last time I checked in with you I’d lost 5lbs on that plan and I’ve lost another 4lbs this week! That’s 9 on this diet and 13 since starting LWR!!

I have to say I’ve only lost 1 inch which is because I haven’t managed a video every day,  but I have walked loads…1 more pound and that’s a stone gone…woohoo!! Onwards and downwards!

3rd thing: STILL NO ROYAL BABY! Anybody who knows me will tell you I’m a complete royalist and love babies, so I’m really hooked on this one! I think it’ll be a girl and it’d be nice if it came tomorrow, the 7th- as it is 7th in line for the throne- but that’s just my maths-nerd self taking over. 😉 As long as it gets here safely, it’s a blessing whenever.

I’m fairly sure there was a 4th thing, but I haven’t a clue what it was because birthday-weight loss-baby excitement has pushed it clean out of my head!

Catch ya laters Peeps, have a good one!

Anna x



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