Plan For Success

Happy Saturday Peeps!

If you want to succeed at something, it requires effort. Planning so you can do it effectively is a huge part of that. For example, I had a day this week when we ended up eating later than planned and had burgers (diet blip)…if I had planned ahead and prepared a healthier meal just in case, we wouldn’t have eaten those.

Anyhoo, Some things need planning; holidays, weight loss, buying a house….anything we can’t do instantly.

Planning, however, is not the whole story. The reason planning helps is that it shows your brain it’s possible! If I wanted to lose 5 stone (70lbs) or save the deposit on a house by next month- it’s not possible….BUT saving £100 per month or losing 2lbs per week is possible, so your brain sees you as always part way there.

“If I believe it, I can achieve it” may sound like a cheesy self-help line, but it’s true.

Norman Peale (possibly the greatest positive thinker of the 20th Century) says “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t; you’re right!” The thing is battles are won and lost in our thinking…

We were designed to have faith and the Bible constantly warns us to guard our thoughts…there is a reason He said that!

So we need to stop all this “I can’t do it….it’s too hard…it’ll never happen” nonsense and start planning how it is going to happen. 🙂

Believing is the first step, the planning helps you take that step.

Happy planning lovely Peeps!

Catch ya later,

Anna x



Photo by Doran Erickson on Unsplash


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